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Meshwork is a technique in which tapes are interlaced to create a new piece of cloth. It is like weaving a mesh of pictures, rhombuses, stars or any geometric figure you want depending on the volume, color and tilt of the crossing of the tapes.

There are books specialized in meshwork with tutorials that teach from the simplest designs to some really complicated and spectacular. We left some samples of some of them. You will see how beautiful!


images-8   images-1   images-3   blogger-image-406270558   1459fae9f249cc73c8dfecd4f69a8f82-2   images-9   images-7   fd2m1ywhw4orjks-medium   images-11   1459fae9f249cc73c8dfecd4f69a8f82-4   1459fae9f249cc73c8dfecd4f69a8f82-3   p6140032   images-4   1459fae9f249cc73c8dfecd4f69a8f82-5   p6140034-copia   images-5   images-2   1459fae9f249cc73c8dfecd4f69a8f82-6   249038391_9289547e7e   puntadas-427-l-rnw1dm   images-10

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